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Central Cat Hospital has been named a Silver Cat-Friendly Clinic 



Our clinic ensures that our feline friends are handled with appropriate gentleness and respect at all times, ensuring cat-friendly principles are always adhered to during the care and restraint of cats.


These include:

  • Minimising stress during handling, examinations, and procedures
  • Recognizing and minimizing fear and anxiety in cats
  • Providing owners with information on how to reduce stress during the journey to and from the vet clinic
  • Avoiding heavy manual restraint and ‘scruffing’ of cats
  • Minimizing the negative impacts of odors, bright lights, and noise for cats in the clinic



Central Cat Hospital

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Central Cat Hospital
G/F, 37 Aberdeen Street, Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong
9:00 - 19:00 (Mon - Sun & Public Holiday)
Parking lot near Central Cat Hospital: Soho PMQ Centrestage Car Park

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